Rocket Internet Launches An eBay Clone For Nigeria


World-acclaimed start-up cloners, the Samwer brothers are betting on a new eBay clone for the growing online marketplace in Nigeria.

Widely believed to be playing a game with its myriad of e-commerce clones in Nigeria — Kasuwa and Sabunta (now Jumia) and HelloFood — the Internet start-up incubator has just launched an online auction marketplace called Kaymu.

Kaymu wants to let you buy, bid or sell items from fashion, electronics, jewelries to books, just like you would on eBay. On Kaymu, a seller could list an item for sale and may choose to accept only bids for the item in form of auctions or to offer the item at a fixed price.

Interested buyers can purchase the item right away at a fixed price or in the case of an online auction, buyers would place bids on the item and when the listing ends after a number of days specified by the seller, the buyer with the highest bid eventually buys the item.

The site currently has loads of products at fixed prices from Jumia, its sister site and also offers some fairly used products based on auctions from users. It also offers a classified ads listing service, in case you want to negotiate with a buyer or seller, instead of going through the bidding process which may last up to 30 days.

As far as I know, this is the first online marketplace for auctioning items in Nigeria, although related online marketplaces for classified ads such as OLX and Tradestable already exist.

It would be interesting to to see how this plays out, even though it is believed that online auctions and bidding is not in the Nigerian culture of shopping.

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  • Ekanem

    Na wa o!

  • Fatima Aoyi

    Finally, I was waiting so long to get a decent marketplace to sell my stuff. Site looks ok. But they could definitly change the colours a bit!

  • John

    Ecommerce revolution in Nigeria.Some will stay some will die some will merge…

  • El_Komo

    I prefer anyday anytime

  • Adeyemi Adisa

    Not a bad idea, but they will have to do lots of marketing to be able to change our people’s mindset concerning online shopping. Also, the state of infrastructure in the country will make it really hard for this good idea to survive

  • emma

    bidding in Nigeria ? what the guarantee ? i rather post in sites like .

  • Nepster Martin

    Kaymu is one of the clones of eBay. Nigeria is also not separate from cloning business. Because of success of eBay many new clones are launched all over the world. Now many countries have eBay clones. Let’s see what happens in Nigeria. Kaymu should have some different strategies related to operations and marketing to survive.

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