DStv Gets More Social, Launches Facebook App To Handle Customers


South African digital satellite pay-tv company, DStv has today launched a Facebook app to handle its subscribers complaints and requests directly on the popular social network.

The DStv Facebook app lets users post requests about reconnecting their DStv decoder, upgrading or downgrading their DStv bouquets,  make inquiries about their subscription due dates as well as related technical support functions.

Subscribers would be required to send details such as their full name, mobile number, smart card number, and provide any other information such as error message on their screen or payment details, etc that are relevant in order to get support from its customer care via Facebook.

This move shows that the company is getting its digital media strategy right and is willing to listen to its customers and reflects its commitment to improved customer service delivery.

However, the PayTV company has been criticised for lack of quality programming and service quality.

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  • Chief Retailer

    This still does not make any sense. In the digital and automated world we live in, DStv should at this time be able to allow customers perform all their customer care services on their own without any interaction with the DStv team.

    They still have a long way to go and this app is no different from calling customer care.

    By the way, it is not a 24 hour service so there is no benefit to be acheived

  • nintag

    they have totally turn fb to business network y all this APPENSE is there for business y fb,fb is a social site