Dealdey’s VP of Tech And Product Strategy Quits To Launch An E-Commerce Solutions Provider

The last time we wrote about Dika Oha was in March 2011 when he controversially left a Nigerian Groupon clone called to join another daily deals site, Dealdey.

At the time, Oha argued that he was officially heading Gyst (later renamed Infomob; now defunct), a local business listing service which is a sister company to DealDey. That may be true, but his LinkedIn profile and email signatures actually says otherwise.

Dika Oha was actually Dealdey’s Vice President of Technology and Product Strategy between February 2011 and December 2012, according to his LinkedIn profile and we know for sure that his official email was

Never mind that he said our headline was controversial back then. It wasn’t. Dika happens to be the controversial one. Pun intended.

We’ve learnt that he’s left Dealdey to start an e-commerce outsourcing services company, whatever that means. According to him, the goal of the company is “to create a bridge that can bring about growth in this [e-commerce] sector and provide lasting solutions to service providers.” [Parentheses added]

Pointing to the fact that there has been a sudden rush to a sector that lacked its basic foundations such as Internet ubiquity, logistics/parcel delivery and online payment, Oha believes that if e-commerce companies came together to solve these challenges without compromising individuality, the sector would see huge growth.

“When e-commerce players consider that the real competition is not their fellows but other non-electronic forms of commerce that are better established than they are, then forging a co-operation suddenly becomes viable,” says Oha in a LinkedIn group called E-commerce Nigeria.

It is unclear what his new company would do to make the Nigerian e-commerce sector become viable, although my guess is that he’s keen on helping e-commerce services with expertise on technology deployment, product strategy and development and logistics, operations and marketing given his experience in the e-commerce space.

We’re also not sure why he left Dealdey at such a time when the leading daily deals service is experiencing huge growth. The company’s founder/CEO, Sim Shagaya recently left his position as CEO for its former VP of Sales, Sanaz Etebarian, who is now serving as Dealdey’s CEO.

We’ve reached out to Dika Oha and the company for their comment.

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