TechLoy List: The 20 Most Influential People of 2012

The TechLoy List of the most influential technology people of 2012 are made up of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, enthusiasts, executives, developers and bloggers.

Their ideas and actions ignited dialogue and disrupted our senses while impacting on the technology and mobile ecosystem in the West African sub-region.

In no particular order, meet TechLoy‘s 20 most influential technology people in 2012.

Note: To learn about who they are, what they achieved and why they made the list, simply right-click on their images and open in a new tab or window.

The TechLoy List profiles the leading thinkers and influencers, entrepreneurs and startups, celebrities and public figures, websites and social media platforms and more in the African technology and Internet industry on a yearly basis.

Each year, we profile the most influential people, innovative products and disruptive Internet companies that have shaped the Internet landscape. In 2012, we invited TechLoy readers and the public to nominate their favourite technology people, products and companies that have excelled in their respective industries.

We received an overwhelming response of over 60 individual nominees and then selected those we felt were the most influential of them all based on each individual’s work, how they impacted on the ecosystem, their followership/fan base and how often each of them appeared in the news.

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