The 12 Hottest New Startups Of 2012

The TechLoy List of the hottest new startups of 2012 features those with innovative ideas and unique products that were launched during the past year.

From mobile to social, enterprise to e-commerce, entertainment to education, communication to collaboration, these new and innovative startups created a new service that impacted on the way consumers accessed the Internet.

During 2012, TechLoy profiled over 30 new startups and have compiled this list based on most of the startups that were covered during the past year.

In no particular order, here are the 12 hottest new startups of 2012 that should be watched out for in 2013.

Hotels Nigeria

This new startup launched in January 2012 provides a niche service for searching, listing and booking for hotels in towns and cities across Nigeria that were previously not easily accessible on the Internet.


Describing itself as a social sharing network, this startup launched in October 2012 pays you to post short messages, links and other content about brands and products on social media. Its also an ad distribution network for website publishers.

Beni American University

This online education startup, with its self-proclaimed mission of pioneering boundless learning wants to bring quality education to every African youth, adult or teenager who wishes to acquire a post secondary diploma or degree.


This cross platform messaging application launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in September 2012 wants to be the WhatsApp for the over 5 billion feature phones in the world.


This gaming startup launched in August 2012 to provide an ultimate African gaming experience and change the continent’s gaming landscape. It has over 100 titles featuring African characters and themes such as Monkey Run, Bush Meat, Agbero, Ole, Point & Kill, Zulu and Mosquito.


Describing itself as a “social communication tool”, this new startup launched in November 2012 targets fans and followers of the game of football and allows you to ‘shoot’ 140 character posts, connects you with your fellow club fans and lets you tackle fans of other clubs.


This innovative startup launched in December 2012 claims to be the fastest way to manage online ticketing, registration, and automate promotion for all your events via social media and mobile. It features tools to enable you create a mobile and web page for your event and automate promotion/invitations.


This exciting news and entertainment video startup launched in January 2012 to deliver street videos telling realistic stories of everyday people that mirror the Nigerian society. It broadcast the #OccupyNigeria protest live on the Internet last January and has featured the most popular video about socio-cultural matters.


This startup launched in April 2012 enables real-time project management and team collaboration, anywhere and anytime, allowing team members to stay on top of what’s happening on their projects. Its cloud-centric approach and accessibility via mobile platforms makes it very appealing and useful.


This new start-up launched in August 2012 lets you find spots and share spots around you such as restaurants, bars, gyms, atm machines, shops, hotels and more in Nigeria.


Online booking for taxis in Lagos became possible with TaxiPark launching in December 2012, after the startup soft-launched its taxi service in March 2012 which provided a mobile app that lets you find and contact taxi cab drivers within Lagos and Abuja.


This smart and innovative service launched in August 2012 and currently available to users in the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) allows users to receive alerts of events they’ve indicated interest for via SMS on their mobile devices.

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