Konga Gets 100,000 Fans; Becomes Nigeria’s Most Liked E-Commerce Site On Facebook


Leading online retailer, Konga has emerged as Nigeria’s most liked e-commerce site on Facebook with over 100,000 fans since launching in June 2012.

It is not surprising that the company which has been known for its fast delivery and good customer service achieved this milestone in such a short period of time while other e-commerce sites trail behind.

From the positive feedback on the Internet and particularly, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, about the company’s e-commerce services, one could tell that Konga is giving consumers what they want, how they want it, and when they want it.

Meanwhile, Konga’s major competitor, Jumia Nigeria which reached 50,000 likes on Facebook in December 2012, after six months of launching, currently has over 78,000 likes on the most popular social network.

Other e-commerce sites with the most Facebook fans include SmartBuy (58,000+ likes), Taafoo (43,000+ likes), WebMallNG (21,000+ likes) and Kamdora (11,000+ likes).

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  • Osegz

    Inaccurate if u ask me as at the time of writing this comment Jumia Has Over 130k likes 80k on its General Merchandise Page and 52k on its fashion page…. Soo…

  • Moderator

    Very Inaccurate. Please do your research properly. Jumia has two facebook pages. One for electronics and phones, the other for Fashion. Add up the numbers and you’ll know who is the leader is.

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  • IkeAustine

    Very inaccurate, i noticed Pages like VConnect reach 100,000 marks in the month of December 2012 and they are approaching the 150k mark(currently 125k).
    check it out …


  • Alan

    Hmmm. Nigerians what has online shopping and ecommerce got to do with Facebook likes. Techloy you focus should be their bottom-line. Are they REALLY selling? How many of their likes converted to sales. The same questio should apply to Jumia etc. I am always surprised that you use the same standard used to measure News sites and blogs to measure ecommerce site. For sites like Jumia and Konga, apart from publicity stunts, things like traffic, FB likes, Tweeter follow etc are very irrelevant. It is the sales figures that should matter. Afterall what is 150K like if none of them is buying?

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