Online Retail Site For All Things Glamour To Launch In Kenya

After just three months of launching an online retail service offering fragrances, skin-care and cosmetics for glamourous men and women in Nigeria, the service is set to be launched in Kenya.

While we’re not really sure whether Kenyans are really fashionable, let alone glamourous, shoppers on the service would be able to shop for their favourite items from brands such as Bvlgari D&G, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lancome, Gucci, Chloe, Georgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and Elizabeth Arden.

At the moment, the site currently has a sign-up page that lets you subscribe to its newsletter in order to receive exclusive offers. Glamour Kenya is owned by former Sabunta Co-founder and Managing Director, Leonard Stiegeler who also recently launched an online retail site for sunglasses and contact lenses.

Previously, Stiegeler helped expand the market share of Rocket Internet’s e-commerce website, Zando (while working as a Business Development Manager) to become the biggest online fashion site in South Africa.

He left the company last July to found Startup Partners Africa, an Internet incubator focused on the African market.

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