10 Must-Attend Social Media Week Lagos Events

Africa’s first-ever Social Media Week in Lagos, a global event exploring the social, cultural and economic impacts of social media would bring together political leaders, policy makers, tech professionals, brand managers, digital marketing specialists and social media enthusiasts next week.

Here’s our list of 10 events to look forward to at the Social Media Week Lagos scheduled for February 18-23, 2013.

1. African Women in Tech

A panel discussion about African women using technology and new media for political advocacy, civic engagement, and progress, followed by a networking event to meet and greet other tech professionals.

2. Social Media, Citizen Journalism, Ethics & Ettiquete

This panel would explore some of the seminal instances of massive social and cultural changes we’ve seen such as the notoriously moribund Nigerian criminal justice system sparked into life by the video of the murder of the Aluu 4 being tweeted and shared; the strange case of Arik Air and Japeth Omojuwa’s iPad – a first in Nigerian customer services, where a company compensated an ‘ordinary’ customer not for liability but to stop bad press; and much more.

The goal would be to make some concrete suggestions and predictions about evolving ‘Social Media & Citizen Journalists’ Code of Ethics & Etiquette’ going forward.

3. Music For The Masses…How Eskimi and iROKING Teamed Up To Put Music In The Hands of Every African

Nubi Kayode of Otekbits would sit with Vytas Paukstys of Eskimi and Michael Ugwu of iROKING to talk about the intersection of music, mobile and social, how they engage their audience and the important of collaboration and partnerships. Vystas and Michael will also talk about the partnership between Eskimi and iROKING and how it came about.

 4. Smartvertising: Big Data & Social Media Marketing

This interactive workshop and panel will show marketers, brand managers and advertisers how to leverage their data to get more value from their social media marketing. There will also be a panel with brand managers and marketers working on Nigeria’s leading brands on how they’ve used social media to grow their businesses and how you can use these techniques to grow your business.

5. Africa 2.0 Presents: An Evening With Leaders Featuring Honoured Guest H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President of Nigeria and Chairman of the Africa 2.0 Advisory Board, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo will head a delegation of leaders whose aim is to foster intergenerational dialogue during the event while exploring the possibility of leveraging social media and digital tools to move Africa forward.

6. Jobberman Presents: Using Non Conventional Means to Get a Job

At this event, participants would be exposed to how to use Blogging, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to improve a job seeker’s opportunity of getting employed.

7. Spinlet Presents Industry Nite

Hosted by Spinlet, the premier mobile music download service in Africa, Industry Nite is a weekly event pulling together up and coming artists, established artists, record label execs, brand managers and fans in one venue for entertainment and networking.

8. Show & Tell: Technology, Data & Transparency

This event brings together technology developers, civil society actors and tech enthusiasts on the new trend of civic apps driving transparency and government accountability. This event would also serve as an experiential lab to showcase the different new media tools/apps that allow citizens to engage with government such as Revoda, iWatch, BudgIT, iPolice, BudgIT, Nigerian Constitution App and WangoNET.

9. Education Transformation through Information Technology

The event is a showcase of Passnownow.com, which is a practical example of how Information Technology can transform and enhance the learning experience. Participants will become aware of an online destination where their children and wards can have fun, learn and interact with peers. They will also have a first hand experience of the Passnownow platform and also find out how to transform their devices (tablets and smartphones) into learning aids.

10. Lost in Lagos, Found on Social Media: Twitter Party

A night of mingling using social media (mainly twitter) to have young professionals interact with one another. Playing games & interacting with their surroundings through hashtags and QR codes. Guests will be able to meet and greet with people that have similar interests and discover different new ways to use hashtags. You will also be able to send requests to the DJ, order drinks from the bartender and introduce yourself to people all through Twitter.

[Image via Africastyledaily.com]

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