TIGWeekly, An Online Radio Show About All Things Tech Launches in Nigeria

For some time now, the local tech space has been buzzing with conversations around the hottest topics from e-commerce to mobile payments, following coverage from technology and mobile-focused blogs.

But there has been a missing link: a radio talk show that brings together all of these conversations and provides the growing community of tech enthusiasts a place to get their voice heard.

Enter TIGWeeklyA weekly radio show hosted by @johnobidi and @samsonaligba about tech and its practicable application in Nigeria, where a single topic is discussed by various guests and live questions are taken from listeners via Twitter on the hashtag #TIGWeekly.

By the way, TIGWeekly stands for Tech In General Weekly.

The service is not just a regular podcast, but also provides live streaming of its discussions on multiple platforms via PC including Windows Media Player, Real Player, Winamp and Quicktime as well as via mobile including Blackberry, Android, Nokia, iPhone, iPad and Android tablets.

I got a chance to listen in today and was impressed with the sound quality and programming quality, although there were some background noise experienced which, according to Samson Aligba, one of the TIGWeekly hosts, is as a result of the fact that they move around a lot and broadcast is done through Skype.

With no funding whatsoever, the operation is being bootstrapped which means they operate without a studio, thus, set-up anywhere as long as they are able to meet broadcast schedule.

However, TIGWeekly co-host, John Obidi owns FountCast, a company which offers broadcasting and live -streaming solutions across multiple platforms, so both of them have pulled resources together to provide this service.

While the online radio show is relatively new and doesn’t air 24 hours yet, it does already show potentials as a great way for tech enthusiasts to listen in while at work or in traffic and participate in the conversations about technology products around them.

[Image via: Fountcast]

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