“I’m A Certified Failure”, Says Jason Njoku At TEDxEuston [VIDEO]

In his candid and passionate talk at TEDxEuston last December, Jason Njoku, CEO of iROKO Partners, the world’s largest online distributor of African entertainment content, told the world why and how he is a certified failure.

After 5 years of being broke (between 2005 and 2010) and living off £200 per month in London, England and having ran several failed ventures, Jason was determined to either become “spectacularly successful or mad”.

His friend and business partner, Bastian Gotter, believed that Jason had failed enough so he practically liquidated all his life’s savings to help start the company that is now one of the most exciting and innovative technology media companies out of Africa.

As Jason continued his unusual and inspiring story while standing on the stage in front of a lively and animated audience who didn’t hesitate to smile, chuckle and laugh at some of his quips, he documents his path to success and the many failures he had to overcome.

His passion for setting up a business in Africa is truly a compelling one and he implored young people who may be smarter than he is with professional backgrounds to take their dreams, ideas and passions and run with them – all the way to Africa, in order to realise the many opportunities there.

Watch Jason’s 17-minute talk below which broaches the often taboo subject of ’embracing failure’.

[Via: TEDxTalks on Youtube]

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