Leading Cloud Computing Company, Business Connexion Launches In Nigeria

Business Connexion, Africa’s leading provider of Data Centre and Cloud Computing Services, has officially launched its Cloud Computing Services in Nigeria.

Having been operating in Nigeria for the past five years, the company believes that Nigeria’s growing IT industry needs a reliable and secured cloud-based infrastructure provider and data centre facility to ensure that customer data is kept in country, bandwidth cost is kept to a minimum and applications are not impacted by network delays.

The company says it will initially offer services such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Messaging-as-a-Service, SharePoint-as-a-Service and Lync-as-a-Service to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as Private Cloud services to enterprises and government.

While admitting that it doesn’t have knowledge and expertise of SMEs in Nigeria, the company has partnered with approved local resellers of its services to develop regular releases of applications for SMEs in the country.

With a data centre located in Ikeja, Lagos, the company is also working in close cooperation with Parallels and Rackspace, both worldwide leaders in hosting and cloud service enablement in order to provide world-class cloud computing solutions to Nigerian businesses.

Although it has partnered with some key operators in Nigeria, BCX would have to compete with MTN’s cloud computing service launched last year.

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