“We’re Working With Telcos And Broadband Providers To Make Access Easier For iROKOtv Users in Africa” – Jason Njoku [AUDIO]

While Internet access to online video streaming content remains a huge problem to most Internet users in Africa, iROKOtv wants to solve this challenge for its users in Nigeria and Africa.

In an audio interview with the BBC World Update today, iROKOtv founder, Jason Njoku said that the world’s largest distributor of Nollywood movies online is currently working with telcos and broadband providers in order to make access easier for its users.

“We’re actually working around the technology side to make access much more easier for those in Africa”, Njoku told BBC’s Dan Damon.

According to Njoku,

“Over the next three to five years, we’ll work on our site in technology and obviously the eco-system, in terms of the Internet service providers and the mobile networks and the telcos would figure out from their side, actually, how to grow the access and make it that much easier.”

At the moment, iROKOtv sees more site traffic coming from regions like the EU, North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East, where broadband services are more readily available and where there’s a huge number of Diasporan Nigerians.

It is hoped that when broadband becomes readily available and easily accessible in Africa, more and more Africa-based viewers will begin to form IROKOtv’s primary audience.

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