Gbogbo Aye! March 1 Is #TweetYoruba Day 2013

tweet yoruba

In keeping with what has become an annual tradition of “celebrating the beauty and importance of the mother tongue usage in the age of modernity”, Twitter users who understand the Yoruba language will #TweetYoruba all day from all over the world on March 1.

‘Tweet Yoruba Day’ debuted last year as a means to pressure Twitter to include the Yoruba language in its list of languages being translated. The social information network promised to include the Yoruba language, although said it would take a while, due to logistics.

While a Twitter translation desk official had been in contact to learn about what accepted dialect of the Yoruba language is generally used in official Yoruba writings and translation, not much has been heard from Twitter since then.

With over 30 million speakers all around the world, the Yoruba language currently leads other African languages in actual pages in its own version of Wikipedia with about 30,000 pages of curated articles.

Even famous CNN journalist and TV anchor, Piers Morgan tweeted with the Yoruba language earlier this year saying: “Eku Odun Tuntun” meaning “Happy New Year!” to all Nigerians, as shown in the image above.

So if you think that the Yoruba language deserves to be included on Twitter, you can participate by tweeting in Yoruba as much as you can, and using the hashtags #twitterYoruba or #tweetYoruba.

You could also tweet to @translator and @twitter with the hashtag #twitterYoruba and #tweetYoruba telling them why Yoruba is an important language that will add to your Twitter experience.

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