We Have Been Acquired.


As I write this post, I’m on a 2-week well-deserved vacation after almost five long years of building what has become the most influential technology blog in Nigeria, if not Africa.

It turns out that this post would likely be my last on TechLoy.com as the blog now has new owners, after several months of acquisition talks with Jason Njoku and Bastian Gotter, the co-founders of Iroko Partners.

In case you don’t know, both partners of the world’s largest distributor of African entertainment content have recently launched an investment company called Spark which wants to act as a start-up accelerator for innovative ventures out of Africa, with the aim of catalysing a start-up revolution.

The acquisition deal means that the Spark co-founders and their syndicate of investors around the world would now co-own 100% of Techloy through their investment into the tech blog which has now become one of the online brands of Iroko Partners.

I think this decision would be in the best interest of the technology and start-up ecosystem, as my hope is that the tech blog would continue to be a leading media property in its space within the African region in the years to come.

As for me, I’ll be focusing on building other web properties such as The Telecomist which wants to be an independent voice in the African telecoms sector.

Perhaps you’re wondering why I sold Techloy to Iroko Partners at a time when the blog has been positioned to reach more African tech start-up markets and what would eventually happen to the tech blog going forward.

I’m hoping to write a follow-up post on April Fools’ Day :)

[Image: Jason and I photographed during lunch at Mobile Web West Africa 2012 in Lagos by Emmanuel Oyeleke]

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  • Galaxier

    You try. April Fool lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/dugoagbara David Ugoagbara

    Nice one Loy, you got me. All the while I was reading I was like, What da heck. I was anxious to know how much you sold it, never knew you were playing some pranks. By the way I recommended you for a job to the MD of one of the highest selling newspaper in Nigeria but he doubted you will agree to a full time job after visiting your blog. This was around January this year. I was hoping to tell you anytime I meet you either at the Cchub or somewhere. That should tell you never to even think about sell out this blog. Because, if the MD of the highest selling newspaper in Nigeria, after visiting your blog, thinks it has a lot of potentials, than it sure does. If you have the time you can checkout this site of my http://www.priceleaker.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/Centuryeberefavour Century Favour Ebere

    Seriously techloy won’t be the same without loy okezie. Thank God it was an April fool Stunt.

  • David Adamo Jr.

    I actually believed this for a moment, and I was beginning to spawn all sort of reasons in my head why Iroko Partners would want to acquire TechLoy…

  • http://twitter.com/samsonaligba samson Aligba

    crazy, didn’t believe the title, just came to read for humor, well done

  • http://www.loyokezie.com/ Loy

    Why not?

  • http://www.loyokezie.com/ Loy

    Yeah, he’s probably right. I’m unemp-loy-able for the foreseeable future :)

  • Unwana

    Arrrrrrrrgh! You got me

  • Adesoji

    I knew it’s all about April Fool. Just like you shouldn’t propose to your girlfriend on April Fool’s day, so also, you shouldn’t announce an acquisition.

    Nice one bro BUT sincerely, if the offer comes, will you grab it?

  • http://www.loyokezie.com/ Loy

    To be honest, I WILL NOT.

  • Adesoji

    oh cool

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  • Havilah

    Loy, so sad this April fool. Was actually happy for some reasons to read this. 1. The stated goal of Sparks made sense to me and I was already looking forward to it. 2.I believe they would want to invest in hr and get more daring people who would be ready to go the extra mile to give tech startups the exposure they require. Having said these, I believe you guys are doing ok…you can still do better as your coverage is limited to Lagos so far. Some of us down south-south, can help in this regard.

  • http://twitter.com/fab_dave Wale David E

    Waoooh!!! This got me..#shocked though… cool its not real sha

  • http://twitter.com/fab_dave Wale David E


  • robinjames

    Aljazeera TV is good for African Politics news..

  • WIlliam from Lagos

    Nice try :)