Gbedu.FM Is Dead. Long Live Music Discovery.

When Oo Nwoye announced that he was launching a digital music discovery platform, after several months of hiatus, I asked what in the fuck was he trying to do?

Isolate iROKING? Strangle Spinlet? Or Disrupt Deezer?

Although the platform’s unique logo and design interface as well as its music functionality quickly got Nigerian music lovers listening to what was supposed to be the ‘Sound of Africa’, Gbedu.FM could not sustain the excitement of its users, despite its founder’s vision to build a music platform with a focus on prediction, discovery and communities.

When TechLoy reached out to Nwoye a few days ago to know why/if he’s decided to kill the platform, he told us exclusively that Gbedu.FM is not his priority at the moment.

According to Nwoye, who has launched two (defunct) startups in the past, “I am moving it [Gbedu.FM] over to a smaller server for personal use…and the use of the few hundred users”. By that it means that Gbedu.FM has literally gone from a pet project to a beta startup and back to a personal project.

So what happens to the founder’s idea of building the music platform to be about prediction, discovery and communities?

Well, we don’t know yet. But Nwoye has promised to publish a blog post about his decision and future plans, and until he does, we can only speculate or predict what’s next for the erstwhile startup founder.

We also don’t know why Nwoye is shuttering the music service as well as possibly killing the initial idea behind it.

But it does seem obvious that building a sustainable music discovery service without a clear distribution and revenue strategy is like flying an aeroplane without wings.

Image: Oo seen drinking bottled water at an event in Lagos, Nigeria | Photo: Seun Oyeleke / TechLoy

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