Does Jason Njoku Own An Airbnb-Like Rental Property Site?

While you’re wondering what an entertainment entrepreneur would be doing with a tech blog, we’ve just learnt that iROKO founder, Jason Njoku could be involved with an online property listing site called ToLet.

Just don’t mistake it for Toilet. [pun intended]

While we’re yet to reach out to Jason for his comments, we do know that he registered the site on January 3, 2013, according to Whois records and the site already has a decent number of property listings with a cool interface and nice functionality.

ToLet describes itself as “a property search website dedicated to rentals”, and wants to become the number one online destination for property lettings in Nigeria.

With several other property listing sites already launched and PrivateProperty being the leader in that space at the moment, one wonders what ToLet wants to do differently.

At the name implies, we’d expect that the service would provide only ‘for-rent’ properties, which means that it may not be offering property sales. After all, the site says that it wants “to give property hunters insight into homes and apartments for rent.”

It also wants to provide neighbourhood and area hints on your property of choice in order to help you make more informed decisions about your property choices.

What this means is that, depending on your area of property choice, the site would give you hints of what to expect in terms of availability of power, security, water, road and socialization. In my opinion, this is one feature that most property sites in Nigeria lack and I think would be one of the key differentiators for the ToLet service.

However, the site only features rental property listings in the Lagos mainland areas such as Ikeja, Surulere, Ojota and Shomolu for now, although I’m sure that more areas would be added in months to come.

The site also has some other cool features such as a ‘book an inspection’ button that lets you indicate your name, phone number, email address and how soon you would like to move into the property.

It does really seem like a site that could evolve into a Airbnb-like service in the nearest future, if managed well. But whether or not it would disrupt the real estate and property space is yet to be seen.

We’ll be keeping an eye on it and the watching the space and would keep you updated as we know more.

Disclaimer: Jason Njoku does not own, as our April Fools’ Day post suggested. He is, however, a big fan of

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