Orin.io Is A New African Music Streaming Service With A Social Feel

A new music streaming service called Orin has launched to help you discover new African music and share with your social sphere.

Founded by Finbarrs Oketunji, a Nigerian product designer based in the UK, Orin (pronounced Oh-rin; which is a Yoruba word for song) has a cool design interface that is very similar to Ex.fm, a music discovery site that allows developers and music lovers to build upon the Exfm social music platform using its API.

While we’re not sure, it is likely that Orin may have used Exfm’s API which also allows the music start-up to integrate some cool features that allows you to follow other music lovers with similar music preferences.

Another feature of the music start-up is that it displays your personal profile at the top left of the music platform showing all the tracks you love, your music feed, your followers, who you follow and your activity on the site.

Orin also lets you see what music is trending based on a collection of the top songs loved by other Orin users. With social integration, the music start-up allows you to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that your friends and followers can see and share what you are listening to.

While you may not find most of the songs you’re looking for on Orin as the music streaming service just launched and said to be adding more songs and albums to its catalogue, I found it to be quite instant when you click play to listen to a music track or album.

As we expect to see more music start-ups launched for African music, it would be interesting to see the kind of distribution and revenue strategies these music streaming services come to play with.

Most importantly, it would be interesting to see music applications that use open linked data to build music datasets around the semantic web.

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