Domain Registrar Preps Up For .NG 2nd-Level Domain Sales For Less Than $95


Earlier this week, Techloy exclusively reported that one of the world’s most valuable extensions, .ng which happens to be the well-sought after Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Nigeria will be sold for less than $100 USD per domain name.

Today, we learned that some accredited domain registrars and resellers have began selling prepping up their domain registration portals for what may soon become a gold rush for the .ng second level domain.

When we looked up domain registrars like Web4Africa, we found that they’ve already made the .ng SLD available to register for less than $95, but have not started selling them yet.

For example, most of the generic names such as,, and a host of other names we tried were available for registration at the price of $93.75 USD (about N14,700 NGN), although you can’t order them yet. [See screenshot below]

We asked Web4Africa’s Managing Director, Oluniyi Ajao why this is the case and he told us that it’s because they only configured it since the announcement was made on Monday, but are neither taking pre-orders nor selling yet, due to the fact that country’s official domains registrar, NiRA has kept it on hold.

“There’s a warning there if you try to order now,” he added.

NiRA revised its Domain Name Auction Policy earlier this month which previously puts generic domains or brand names at a premium price of N3 million for the .ng Second-Level Domain.

The domain registrar also said that it has reserved “a special category of domain names determined to be of premium value”, which “will be available via auction only”.

The .ng SLD remains one of the most valuable extensions in the domains market since it creates virtually any verb-related web domain on the surface of the Internet.

Already, global companies such as Google and Microsoft have taken a slice of the .ng second (2nd) level cake, each of them reportedly paying about $20,000 (about N3 million) per domain name last year.

It would be interesting to see if the .ng would become the next oil of Africa’s oil-rich and most populous country.

Could it eventually become the most popular domain name extension in the world?

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