Twitter Puts Kenya On Its Local Trends List

Two years after including Nigeria on the list of worldwide locations on its Trends product which shows what people are talking about in real-time in a particular place, Twitter has now added Kenya.

For the past year or so, the East African country has had its share of hot trending topics that in some cases got worldwide attention. For example, when Kenyans all over the world took to Twitter last March to celebrate the country’s first-ever discovery of oil in the Turkana county of Kenya, the hashtag #TurkanaOil became the second most popular trending topic worldwide on Twitter within minutes.

Twitter launched Trends since 2010 and has added more than 160 countries and cities, thus making it possible for people to find breaking news and interesting topics that matter to them based on their location.

At the moment, Nairobi and Mombasa, likely the largest Twitter communities in Kenya are now listed on Twitter’s ‘Local Trends’. Twitter had previously explained that “locations are not manually selected, but rather displayed dynamically based on tweet volume.”

Kenya becomes the third country in Africa, after South Africa and Nigeria that have been included in Twitter’s Trends product, showing that the East African country has a significant volume of tweets from its citizens and residents.

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