EXCLUSIVE: Jobberman Is Being Accused By Competing Site Of Copying Their Job Ads


A job search site called HotNigerianJobs.com has accused Jobberman, the leading jobs portal in Nigeria of copying its job ads, posting several screenshots showing evidence of what it claims to be an unfair advantage on its website.

According to the site, it has a hidden phrase “Copied from: www.hotnigerianjobs.com” in some of its job adverts, which it uses to track who’s copying its job ads.

The site further claims that when Jobberman copies its job adverts, they always remove the phrase and in some rare cases, they unconsciously fail to remove it, prompting the site to use it as as an evidence like this, this and that.

The site also points out that they’re not bothered when other competitor sites copy their job ads, but when sites like Jobberman copy their job ads, remove the application details and ask job seekers to pay money to apply for the same jobs, they see that as an unfair advantage.

“We are crying out loud because Jobberman.com is cheating us. They are copying all our job adverts with impunity. They have the staff strength and financial capacity to source for job adverts the way we are sourcing for our own adverts, instead they are depending on us to supply them the job adverts without any gainful return”, HotNigerianJobs.com stated on its website.

If truth be told, most of the job search sites in Nigeria copy one another, but it does seem as an unfair advantage if any of these sites would do so and charge job seekers a fee for apply for the same jobs.

Last February, Jobberman launched a new feature called Premium Alerts that keeps you in the know about latest job openings for a fee and recently teamed up with leading telecommunications provider, MTN Nigeria to charge job seekers a fee for mobile job alerts, while also charging them a fee monthly before they can apply for jobs on their website.

This is not the first time that Jobberman has been involved in a similar controversy. In September 2011, Jobberman blocked an African job search engine called Njorku from crawling its job content via RSS and told other job search sites to stop pulling their jobs via RSS feeds or they would be blocked also.

We’ve reached out to Jobberman for their comment and will update this post when we know more.

Image: TimesHigherEducation.co.uk

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