5 Online Food Ordering Sites We Find Appetising

We love food. And that’s why whenever we feel hungry, we whet our appetite by sniffing up at our sister site, Foodiciary.com, a blog that provides local food recipes and restaurant reviews.

But when we can’t help it any more, we go over to some of our favourite online food ordering sites. Here are 5 online food ordering sites that we find appealing and appetising.

In no particular order, these sites allow you to order and pay for food from a variety of restaurants in Lagos and Abuja.

1. Easy Appetite

This service describes itself as a “grub-hub” that connects you to the best restaurants, pizza houses and fast-food outlets serving your location. Easy Appetite is a place to order, recommend, and experience meals from various restaurants in Lagos. It allows you to pay online and upon delivery of your food. It is also available via mobile.

2. HelloFood

This Rocket Internet-backed company, launched with about 30 restaurants in October 2012, now has close to 200 restaurants available in Lagos to serve its hungry customers. With a network of food ordering sites spread across Africa, HelloFood has a mobile site and recently launched its iPhone and Android apps.

3. NaijaEats

With over 1100 different foods and drinks to choose from, Naijaeats allows you to order from a handful of restaurants in Lagos, pay online or on delivery.

4. CityChops

This online food ordering service that allows customers to choose from a variety of restaurants in Victoria Island and Lekki areas of Lagos. It has about 30 restaurants on its catalogue and allows you to filter your search based on specialty from Chinese food to Fast Food. CityChops is also available via its mobile site.

5. JustChop

This food ordering service lets you order for food from just a few eateries and restaurants in Garki, CBD, Wuse, Maitama, Asokoro, Utako and Jabi areas of Abuja.

Have you used any of these sites to order for food? What were your experiences? If you know of other online food ordering sites, let us know in the comments.

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