New E-Commerce Start-up, Cart! Wants To Be Nigeria’s Shopify

A new e-commerce start-up called Cart! is launching soon to help entrepreneurs enable a personalised online store front powered by payments, shipping and marketing support.

Founded by former Dealdey VP of Technology, Dika Oha, the start-up wants to be Nigeria’s verison of Shopify, an e-commerce site builder founded in 2006 that powers tens of thousands of online retailers.

Last December, Techloy exclusively reported that Oha has left Dealdey with plans to start an e-commerce outsourcing services company, which according to him would “create a bridge that can bring about growth in this [e-commerce] sector and provide lasting solutions to service providers.” [Parentheses, ours]

Cart! plans to charge retail businesses a ₦5,000 monthly fee for their own personalized store front powered by the Interswitch Payment Gateway, shipping , marketing tools and more.

E-commerce solutions such as Shopify only began last year in the Nigerian market with services such as Webmall NG pioneering such efforts, and until recently Konga, one of the leading online retailers in Nigeria now embarking on the most ambitious adventure into the space this month.

It would be interesting to see how the challenges of running an e-commerce service could be solved through this approach, without compromising individuality.

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