Startup Stock Exchange Opens On June 10 To Help African Startups Sell Shares To Investors



Startups looking to raise money from global investors by selling ownership shares in their companies can now do so through the Startup Stock Exchange, a regulated global public marketplace for startup investing pre-launched last July.

The world’s first online stock exchange for startup investing and funding will open its marketplace on June 10, 2013 allowing shares in startup companies to trade freely on the exchange and investors of any level to buy ownership shares of vetted startup companies.

Already, two IPOs are expected to launch next week Monday on the exchange, which also allows anyone to become an Angel Investor using their online brokerage account to purchase any amount of shares in any startup company of their choice.

“We are committed to provide a secure and transparent trading environment. I believe SSX will democratize the marketplace, opening opportunity to startups, early stage businesses and emerging companies,” said CEO Ian Haet.

On SSX, investors can have access to vetted companies worldwide which have been thoroughly reviewed before they’re listed in the exchange. Companies, on the other hand, pay a fee to be on the exchange and have access to SSX’s global base of investors, receive mentoring and feedback.

SSX operates via the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) in Curaçao (a constituent of the Kingdom of the Netherlands under Dutch and European laws), which is an international exchange for the listing and trading of domestic and international securities, similar to the NYSE or London Exchange.

SSX received private funding from US and European investors including Greg Kidd, a first round angel investor in both Twitter and Square.

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