Edo State Launches First Open Data Portal in Nigeria

Edo State Data Portal

Edo State is gradually becoming one of the leading technology-driven states in Nigeria as the government is taking steps to reposition the State through technology innovations.

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After launching a data centre at the Directorate of ICT in the State with data communication links between all its Government offices, the State during its 3rd Annual Technology Day held last week Friday launched an Open Data Portal, the first of its kind in Nigeria.

According to the data portal,

Data.edostate.gov.ng is the official data repository for Edo State Government. It provides an easy way to find, access and reuse public datasets from the State Government, international organizations and non- state actors.

We hope this data will become a platform for improving transparency, catalyzing innovation, and enabling social and economic development. We encourage all users to leverage the information in this portal to develop tools and applications which benefit all Edo State citizens.

In several countries, open data initiatives provides citizens the opportunity to measure how their governments are performing and enables civil society organisations to have adequate data on the government.

“The launch of the Edo State open portal data is a major milestone”, says World Bank representative, Mr. Jeff Kaplan. “As Edo State launches the open data portal, there are about three hundred governments around the world that are also doing the open portal…[which] is something important to investors,” he added.

The state government is already counting its gains in its investment in Information and Communications Technology over the years, as it has greatly reduced the incidence of ghost workers and pensioners in the state as well as help boost the state’s revenue.

According to Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, the only way to deal with wastages, fraud and ghost workers’ syndrome in government is to introduce Information and Communications Technology into governance.

“I have always wondered how in the 21st century, government after government buffet us with stories about ghost workers; it must sound strange to our development partners when local governments, state governments and federal government talk about ghost workers”, noted Governor Oshiomhole during the launch.

The governor believes that the State would continue to deepen technology, deepen ICT, as it has already enacted an act to implement the existence of an Information Technology Agency to be run outside the framework of the civil service.

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