Naija Rescue Alert App Wants To Make You Feel Safe

Over the recent years, the level of security in Nigeria has diminished. Cases like kidnapping, armed robbery and even bombings are no longer news to us and it’s sort of expected if these events happen at least once a day.

This is why the good people at Delgrem Incorporation came up with the Naija Rescue Alert App (9RA).

The Naija Rescue app is a security and personal safety app that provides emergency services to help you stay safe and secure no matter where you are.

The 9RA SOS alerts acts as an emergency alert device, personal location tracker and incident reporting tool all in one app. In an emergency or risky situation, With a click of a button, 9RA immediately sends out a pre-programmed SMS alert message to your contacts, including the exact geographic location and map.

9RA does not charge any on going fees, just a one off fee of $1.99, and the product is yours for download. Some of the benefits of using the 9RA include:

  • Send an emergency alert when in danger
  • Call authorities at the press of one button
  • Share your location using social media.
  • Act as a medic alert

The 9RA is available for Android devices and can de downloaded from the Google Play Store.


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