iDEA Is Launching A Mentoring Programme For Technology Startups

After introducing FAST, an entrepreneurship acceleration programme for technology startups in February this year, government-backed, not-for-profit organisation, iDEA is set to launch GEM, a mentoring programme for startup founders.

Since it was founded in 2013, the Information Technology Developers Entrepreneurship Accelerator (iDEA) has been supporting the development of indigenous skills and capabilities in software development by way of physical workspace, shared facilities, training, mentoring and access to capital.

Because young companies are particularly vulnerable in their early years and software start-ups in particular tend to attract technology professionals with little business experience, the mentoring programme which launches on May 21, 2015 aims to assist the next generation of technology start-ups and new businesses unlock their potentials for success by connecting them to a pool of knowledgeable and successful mentors.

Through the mentoring relationship, mentors have the opportunity to guide young entrepreneurs, share experiences, knowledge, and skills as well as give back and directly influence the prosperity of these small businesses.

So if you’re an experienced entrepreneur, industry expert, executive, professional or consultant, who can commit to and give some of your time, support, advice and insight to assist these start-ups in their entrepreneurial journeys, you can join the GEM mentoring programme, by registering on the GEM Mentor website.

“Now I know that you may not have a lot of time in your schedule, but I promise you that mentoring a startup would be one of the most rewarding things you would ever do,” says Helen Anatogu, Chief Executive Officer of iDEA. “And there is some fulfillment in that, so I’m hoping that you would take up this offer from iDEA and mentor our startups,” she added.