Hands-On With The TECNO Phantom 5: Initial Impressions

The last couple of days I’ve been opportune to try out the TECNO Phantom 5 and I’ll love to share what I think about it.

Let’s go!



If you’re into games and those kind of stuffs, then Phantom 5 with its 5.5-inch FHD and 1920×1080 screen resolution is a good choice.

I didn’t get to play the games I wanted to on it but the pre-installed games looked great and I’m sure Grand Theft Auto or PES 2015 would look even better on it. The pre-installed apps were great-looking and the browsing experience was second to none!




I took a few random images of friends and some cool places and I must say the Phantom 5’s camera is impressive. The pictures were crisp, clear and beautiful. You get to see “you the way you are”. That’s not surprising though as the Phantom 5 sports a 13MP back camera with flash and an 8MP front camera also with a flash which works great at night.




The Phantom 5 comes with a long lasting non-removable 3000mAH battery. I say long lasting because, in my own little way, I’ve put the battery to test. After a full charge, I turned on the radio for about 5 hours non-stop and the battery did well – just a few bars dropped.

Then I proceeded to using the Wi-Fi to surf for hours, installed numerous apps and played a few games. Not much of the battery dropped and that was really impressive. Without heavy gaming and much surfing, I’m sure the battery can last more than three days after a full charge.

My only concern though is that the battery is non-removable. Well, maybe it’s because I’m used to swapping SIM cards every now and then!



The storage capacity of any phone is of utmost importance. I’ve used phones that I had to start uninstalling important apps so I could have some space on the device and some peace of mind too!

The Phantom 5 takes care of that with its 32GB ROM. Aside the pre-installed apps, much of which I’ve updated, I’ve downloaded and installed roughly 31 apps (that’s still small) and it just seemed like I haven’t done anything.

At the moment, I’m not even thinking of buying an external memory card. With the rate at which apps are getting larger and larger, I’ll expect phones with larger ROM too but kudos to TECNO on this one!




The phone sports a MediaTek TFA9890 Octa-Core Chipset. Did I hear someone ask, what’s that? Well, that’s just a processor manufactured by Mediatek. The Octa-Core range of processors are really fast.

The Phantom 5’s processor has a speed of 1.3GHz which is not bad. Accessing apps, surfing and playing games was a breeze and that’s an indication that the processor is doing good a job.

I wish I had much heavier games though but I don’t do much gaming. I only play scrabble! Also, it comes with a 3GB RAM which makes access to apps, games and the likes faster. Without a 3GB RAM, the phone would of course be painfully slow.



The Phantom 5 runs the Android 5.1 OS, which is the Lollipop. The Phantom 5 brings with it all the goodness of the Lollipop OS, which include Material Design, new and better ways to view notifications, battery saver feature, better security via Android Smart Lock and so on. One thing that is noticeable is the fluid design and the apps respond to touch intuitively.



The Phantom 5, with a 151×75.8×6.8 mm dimension and a metal casing is surprisingly sleek and handy. It fits well in my pocket and my hand.

What’s More?

For me, one of the amazing features on the phone is the fingerprint sensor. It sits comfortably at the rear of the phone – just slightly beneath the camera, takes a few minutes to setup and works like magic when used to unlock the phone. It does that in less than a second!

Another feature on the phone is Ultra Power. When the battery is really low, say at 10%, and you turn on this feature, the phone can last for 5 more hours. It works like magic!

It does this by shutting down all apps and services that uses the battery more and provides one access to only the most important feature that is needed such as call, messages, notebook, calculator, clock and so on, thereby saving more juice and keeping one’s phone on for a long period. 

The phone comes with a cool earphone, which ‘booms up’ songs and videos from the Boom Player, a USB charger, a pouch to keep it safe from scratches, and of course a manual (yeah…you should read it).

Although this review is my first impressions of the Phantom 5, I’m digging the phone and think that money spent buying it would be money saved in the long run.

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