WhatsApp user base reaches one billion

Facebook-owned WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging platform, is currently being used by one billion people across the world, according to a post on its website.

This means nearly one in seven people on Earth use WhatsApp each month to stay in touch with their loved ones, their friends and their family.

“We are proud of this milestone, and we’re humbled by the extraordinary ways all of you have used WhatsApp,” the post reads.

It added, “Whether it’s sharing vital information during natural disasters or health emergencies, finding a date, growing a small business, buying an engagement ring, or seeking a better life – we’re honored to be a small part of what people are doing to make their lives and the lives of those around them better.”

Even with this massive achievement, which could make someone run amok, WhatsApp’s mission – ensuring that anyone could stay in touch with family and friends anywhere on the planet, without costs or gimmicks standing in the way – is not going to change any time soon.

According to the WhatsApp team, their next major focus is to get the 6 billion people who are not using the app to start using it, even as they improve the app’s speed, reliability, security and simplicity.

A couple of weeks back, the subscription fees paid by users to use the app was dished because in the owner’s honest opinion, it hasn’t worked as intended and it was in contrast with its mission, which is to make the app fast, simple and reliable!

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