Jolla partners mi-Fone to launch Sailfish OS-powered devices in Africa

Jolla Ltd., the Finnish mobile company and developer of open mobile operating system Sailfish OS, has announced a partnership with mi-Fone, the first African mobile devices brand, to bring Sailfish OS-powered devices to the African continent.

The Sailfish OS is a mobile operating system offering a true independent choice to the existing US-based operating systems.

In the second quarter of 2016, the first mi-Fone device powered by the Sailfish OS is expected to hit selected African markets.

The device will come with a combined service offering tailored for mass-market African consumers.

“We, together with mi-Fone strongly believe that Africa needs its own mobile ecosystem where Sailfish OS can be a strong independent building block,” Chairman of the Board of Jolla, Antti Saarnio said in a press release.

He added, “mi-Fone as an African brand is a natural device partner for us. When we then integrate leading banks, e-commerce platforms and other services into Sailfish OS we can truly offer something meaningful for consumers.”

Founder and CEO of mi-Fone, Alpesh Patel said, “We believe the real value for consumers comes from experiences. This is where Sailfish OS offers mi-Fone great opportunities to build differentiation and develop locally relevant offerings. We also believe that our African consumers will appreciate Sailfish OS’s focus on openness and privacy.”

The partnership was announced yesterday at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The Sailfish OS is based on open source – it is fully Android app compatible – and is developed by Jolla, and the Sailfish OS community.

The first Sailfish OS mobile product, the Jolla Smartphone, was first introduced in November 2013 and is currently available in Europe, Hong Kong, India and Russia.


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