ShowMax subscription vouchers to go on sale in Massmart and Edcon retail stores


Naspers-owned ShowMax, the Internet TV service which claims to have the largest subscription video on demand catalogue in Africa, has announced it has concluded agreements that will see its vouchers go on sale in 125 Game stores and more than 100 CNA stores across South Africa.

The retail voucher agreements are important because access to most Internet TV services is limited to those who can pay via credit card, thereby excluding a large portion of the population.

“There’s a misconception that internet TV services are only suitable for the select few with credit cards and top-notch fixed internet at home. We’ve taken a different approach at ShowMax and have taken steps to address the unique challenges we have in South Africa,” Head of Payments and Partnerships at ShowMax, Chris Savides said in a press release.

He added, “When it comes to paying for ShowMax, not having a credit card isn’t an issue. We’ve now got vouchers on sale at hundreds of major retail stores across South Africa.”

The vouchers will come in three variants: one month’s subscription for R99, three months for R297, and six months for R594. Once purchased, the voucher will be activated at the store. The voucher code can then be entered into the ShowMax website or app, initiating the customer’s subscription.

Last year, ShowMax subscriptions vouchers went on sale at all Pick n Pay Stores across South Africa.

ShowMax has more than 20,000 episodes of local and international TV shows and movies to select from, and offers unlimited commercial-free viewing for R99 per month.

To access ShowMax, you’ll only need to have a smart device (e.g. smart TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone) and a pretty good Internet connection.

ShowMax, launched in August 2015, leverages relationships with major production studios across the globe to deliver not only world class international contents, but also the best of specialised local content.

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