Startup Somali to launch acceleration programme


StartUp Somali, a non-profit global entrepreneur-led organisation that aims to advocate, promote, connect and organize Somali startup communities, has announced it will be launching an acceleration programme to promote and help 2,055 new tech firms set-up shop in Somali’s tech industry.

The Acceleration Programme aims to create more business ventures in the post-conflict nation of Somali, and is the first of Startup Somali’s campaign in creating for the future a strong community of entrepreneurs.

Through the Acceleration Programme, the many young, talented individuals capable of solving real world social and business problems in Somali but lack support and resources to forge ahead, will be assisted to turn their ideas into marketable products and services.

By doing this, the young entrepreneurs will create employment and attract foreign investment, which is exactly what the country needs to boost its economy and turn things around for the better.

“The strategy behind Acceleration Programme is simple, that is by transforming the country slowly in the next few years from being technology consumers into creators of technology. This way, the Somali region can be put to stand in the core innovation and entrepreneurship. Startup Somali simply wants to be an inspiration to the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Somali region,” the organisers stated in a press release.

The programme is expected to bring together investors, entrepreneurs, government officials, innovators and even students to discuss their technological ideas and then come up with concepts on how they can be implemented to benefit the nation.

The Acceleration Programme will connect Somali startup communities, help them become sustainable with funding and create successful tech firms in the region.

The Acceleration Programme will be launched this fall 2016. Visit Startup Somali for more information.

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