Tape-am wants to be the link between employers and job-seekers

We all have probably heard stories of how university students ‘those days’ were offered well-paying jobs with a house and car to go with once they become graduates.

Today, it’s a different ball game. To get a good job, or just any job, graduates literally need to work their asses off. Everyday, graduates throng both big and small companies looking for jobs majority of them qualify for.

In a bid to solve this tedious and unending job struggle in Nigeria, the Tape-am Company has launched the Tape-am Career Network, an online community for young and creative minds that are willing to grow their careers and connect with like minds.

Tape-am seeks to make employment in Nigeria as stress-free as possible. How? By finding the right candidates from their online community for companies who are in need of their expertise and conduct virtual interviews for them on behalf of their partner companies.

The virtual interview – used to seamlessly pitch the candidates to the employers – is a win-win situation for both parties. Job-seekers wouldn’t have to travel anywhere to find jobs while the employers wouldn’t having to conduct interviews the traditional way.

Tape-am doesn’t stop there. It help its users to foster whatever abilities they have and ensure that these abilities work towards securing them gainful employments where their expertise will be of great value.

Tape-am creates opportunities for those trying to secure employment and also for innovative minds that need investors to make their proposals a reality. Tape-am gives them the opportunity to connect with creative minds like themselves, and provides them and their projects the maximum exposure needed – this also serves as an opportunity to help them develop their creativity.

“Tape-am is focused on elevating social communication in Nigeria from its current non-beneficial status to a more beneficial and rewarding one,” founder and CEO of Tape-am, Aji Oludele said in a press release made available to TechLoy.

He added, “We promote skilled minds in Nigeria and at the same time provide them with every opportunity to improve their individual skills using our online community tools.”

Using Tape-am is quite easy. The platform has an easy to use ‘user interface’. First, users sign up, and complete their profiles by entering their qualifications, educational background, skills and other career details.

Their profile are then made public to potential employers and potential investors that the Tape-am team have partnered with. The employers can then begin to reach out to candidates they find appropriate for the positions they need to fill.

At the moment, Tape-am is focused on Nigeria because about 42.7 million individuals are unemployed – 80% percent of them have skills that can help them thrive in areas that go beyond the generic educational requirements – and probably because ‘charity begins at home’.

Once it has achieved its objective of eradicating unemployment in Nigeria by making employment of skilled personnel seamless between employers and potential employees, Tape-am will eventually expand across Africa.

To join the Tape-am community today, simply visit www.tapeam.com

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