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In case you didn’t know, one of the reasons the Mobile Experience Centre (MXLab) by Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) was set up is to, from time to time, provide usability testing with real users to help its community avoid poor user experience which can inherently ruin a product.

So, the team at the Lab wanted to flex their muscles, and after deliberations and meetings (not like I was there with them), they decided the banks was a good way to show what they got.

Their reason was simple: every member of their team have shared frustrations with using websites of different banks. So, they decided it was time to find empirical evidence that the usability of these products needed serious improvement.

Knowing that the banks are one of the major drivers of Internet use in Nigeria and their primary information outlet are their websites, the team went on identify key features of the standard bank websites and over two weeks, brought people into their Lab to help test or use these features across ten (10) randomly selected Nigerian banks.

The banks are Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, GT Bank, Skye Bank, UBA, Union Bank, Wema Bank and Zenith Bank.

On each bank’s website, the users were asked to:

  • Imagine that they had lost their ATM card, and wanted to lodge a complaint.
  • Find information about opening a savings account.
  • Locate an ATM or a bank branch in a random Nigerian city.
  • Use the Bank’s search feature to find information about the BVN.
  • Locate & try to access the bank’s online banking portal.

Finally, the team simulated a speed test using a 3G connection for a typical Nigerian Network.

Below is a summary of the findings, aggregated by bank. Real muscle flexing by the MXLab team!

Access Bank


Diamond Bank


Fidelity Bank


First Bank


GT Bank


Skye Bank




Union Bank


Wema Bank


Zenith Bank


Aside the usability testing, MXLab carry out Research to aid better understanding of the end-users by its community members, and Evangelism on the importance of usability & user experience in product development.

MXLab was set up by Co-creation Hub Nigeria, a social enterprise committed to bringing together stakeholders from different walks of life to work collaboratively on solutions to social challenges facing Nigerian society.

Image Credit (header): UCLA Library via Wikipedia.

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