ShowMax iOS app now supports Apple’s AirPlay

ShowMax, the Internet TV service which claims to have the largest subscription video on demand catalogue in Africa, has announced its iOS app now supports AirPlay, a proprietary audio and video streaming technology from Apple Inc.

With the upgrade, the iOS app will be able to broadcast TV shows and movies direct from iOS devices to an Apple TV, which in turn displays the content on a big-screen TV.

Owners of iPhones and iPads will need an Apple TV, which plugs into the HDMI port present on most big-screen TVs, in order to use this functionality. The Apple TV receives the video stream from the iOS device and then displays it directly on the TV.

“Not everyone has a smart TV and this is the first of a number of solutions we’re introducing that mean you don’t need to change your TV in order to use our service. We’re on a mission to get ShowMax on to as many TV screens as possible,” Chief Technology Officer for ShowMax, Mike Raath said in a press release.

He added, “Smartphones and tablets have evolved into highly sophisticated devices. Many people don’t realise quite how powerful they are. With the support we’ve added to our mobile apps, you can now connect to ShowMax, find the content you want, play and pause at will, and stream it directly to your TV – all without ever having to plug in a wire or get up from the couch.”

Owners of iOS devices will need to update the ShowMax app to the latest version to access the AirPlay functionality. Second, third, and the new fourth generation Apple TVs are all supported.

A WiFi router is needed to connect iOS devices to Apple TV, and Internet connectivity is needed to stream ShowMax.

The launch of this feature is part of an ongoing drive to add a wide range of ‘lean back’ viewing options, making ShowMax accessible on the big screen, perfect for watching from the couch.

ShowMax has more than 20,000 episodes of local and international TV shows and movies to select from, and offers unlimited commercial-free viewing for R99 per month.

Naspers-owned ShowMax, launched in August 2015, leverages relationships with major production studios across the globe to deliver not only world class international contents, but also the best of specialised local content.

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