Intercellular partners Huawei for LTE 4G rollout in Nigeria

Intercellular Nigeria Plc. has announced the signing of a partnership with Huawei, a Chinese telecommunication and networking equipment manufacturer, for the rapid transformation of its CDMA network to LTE Broadband.

As a result of the partnership, Huawei will deploy an 800M LTE network to meet the strategic and service demands of the Nigerian market.

“Huawei is both the world’s leading supplier of LTE devices and also the most trustworthy partner. This LTE collaboration will help Intercellular accelerate our LTE transformation and give our people better and faster network services,” Chief Executive Officer of Intercellular, Mr Sukke said in a press release.

At the moment, the timetable for the LTE 4G rollout is unknown but once it is completed, Intercellular will provide Nigerians with high quality, high speed and affordable telecommunication services.

The partnership will further promote LTE development in the Nigerian market with construction of an experience-centric LTE network to provide the best online experience for Nigerian users.

Huawei has always been the preferred partner of Nigerian operators. The company has carried out large-scale deployment of 20,000 base stations, witnessed the increase in the Nigerian mobile user base from 27,000 to over 1.17 million, and contributed to an explosion in mobile penetration rate from 0.02% to 83.7%.

Huawei work hand-in-hand with operators to promote the rapid development of the Nigerian telecommunications market.

“We aim to provide the most competitive network services and actively promote LTE to keep up with the increasing standard of communication demanded by the Nigeria,” said Mr Feng Weixiong from Huawei.

The partnership was signed at a ceremony at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

As a major CDMA operator in Nigeria, Intercellular adopts the most advanced communications technologies to provide the Nigerian people with higher network quality.

In case you didn’t know anything about Intercellular, here’s a quick one: Intercellular Nigeria Plc. is a public company limited by shares. The company was awarded a license in 1996 to operate a private network links for the provision of fixed telephony services.

Intercellular commenced commercial operations in March 1998, using Wireless Local Loop Technology based on CDMA technology. In 2007, the company was awarded a National Unified Access License that enables it provide full-fledged telecommunication services without technology limitation.

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