E-commerce offers unique opportunities for women, says Kaymu

In the last decade, e-commerce has the lifestyles of millions of people globally as thousands of Internet companies have facilitated buying and selling and revolutionized daily transactions through the use of technology and the Internet.

The continuous growth in e-commerce can offer unique opportunities for women of all ages and backgrounds to transform their lives and become breadwinners.

As Kaymu, Nigeria’s top online shopping community, celebrates a month dedicated to women and mothers everywhere, they have taken the time to identify the rising importance of the role of women in e-commerce and the benefits that the industry can bring specifically for women.

When it comes to e-commerce purchasing trends, women drive both online purchases and overall purchase decisions globally. Women account for 58 percent of all online purchases, and decide 83-87 percent of consumer purchases. Since they are the major stakeholders in purchasing, it follows suit that they also be the major stakeholders in selling.

This is the case at Kaymu, where more than half of merchants on the sites are women. A majority of our top merchants are women and some shared their stories in this video in celebration of International Women’s Day.

While sharing their stories, these women shed light on the benefits of setting an online shop for women and called other women to not feel intimidated by their lack of experience or capital and do the same.

Women undoubtedly have innate management and entrepreneurial skills as historical homemakers. E-commerce sites like Kaymu enable them to leverage these skills and apply them to a money-making business.

For the single mother or the stay-at-home mom, an e-commerce shop is a means of making income and pursuing a business passion from the comfort of her home, while continuing to be dedicated to raising her children.

For working women, e-commerce is an avenue to make more money on the side, while exerting little effort, and in an attempt to combat the global gender pay gap whereby on average, women get paid just over 50% of what their male counterparts earn for doing the same job.

In Nigeria, the average woman earns only 57% of what the average man earns. For retired women, starting a home business is a way to remain independent and stimulated and partake in the economy.

For all women, especially those that end up in circumstances incompatible with their passions, starting an e-commerce business is a viable way to take ownership of their business interests, experiment with different products, and succeed as money-making business people.

Getting an e-commerce business started is as easy as going to the market and purchasing 10 pieces of a single good, whether that is a natural hair product or a fashion item.

“The beauty of e-commerce is how easy it is and how much potential it has, especially with sites like Kaymu providing partners who handle logistics and payments. This enables women to focus on their core businesses and become better traders,” said Sefik Bagdadioglu, MD of Kaymu Nigeria.

Kaymu, an online shopping community where buyers meet sellers and make the best of deals for all kinds of products, was founded in February 2013. It currently operates in 14 African countries, as well as Asia and Europe.

Since launch, Kaymu has proven itself to be a powerful player in the e-commerce ecosystem of Nigeria and Africa at large.


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