Here are the startups accepted into the Growth Academy Accelerator

A while back, Growth Academy, an accelerator for new and existing tech startups in Lagos/Nigeria to grow their businesses into profitable and sustainable enterprises, announced it was searching tech startups looking to grow speedily – by 10 times precisely – in 3 months.

Applications for the accelerator closed on February 18, 2016 and 10 tech startups have been selected. In no particular order, the tech startups are described below.

Verge is a retail management solution built to address challenges faced by micro & small retail solution.

Edves Suite is an academic portal, automating manual operations in schools and colleges in Africa.

Drop Buddies is an online crowdsourced on-demand delivery and errand running service.

Wesabi is marketplace to outsource tasks, find local services or complete flexible jobs to earn cash.

Mamalette is the number one community for Nigerian mothers and mothers to be.

GoMyWay is a rideshare platform that connects travellers with drivers who have spare seats to share.

EasyHire offers rental services ranging from cars, properties, musical instruments, event halls etc!

Vacantboards is the leading online marketplace for outdoor advertising!

Tuteria connects you with qualified tutors in your area to help you master subjects & skills!

Genii Games creates interactive mobile apps and web videos for kids to learn about African Cultures!

All the 10 tech startups were selected based on set criteria – must have a working prototype; must have generated revenue, et al. They will receive product innovation support and access to the value chains of big industry partners to rapidly scale their user base.

The accelerator will run for 3 months and will be in three parts: Training and mentoring by seasoned industry experts; growth hacking; and market linakges.

The accelerator will culminate in a Demo day, which will provide the startups an opportunity to share their solutions with members of the public, the media and possible investors.

The Growth Academy is an initiative of leading Lagos-based incubator and accelerator, Co-Creation Hub Nigeria, and is powered by Intel.

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