Cranium One officially opens for business today

Cranium One, a warm, open and inviting shared workspace for entrepreneurs and small businesses, is set to officially open for business today, March 18, 2016.

Located in Victoria Island in Lagos, Cranium One seeks to foster collaboration, openness, innovation, creativity, community, accessibility and sustainability.

The working space houses hot desks side by side. Meeting rooms and offices are separated to provide privacy with enough windows to remain connected to the space.

The communal kitchen and dining area attract workers to each other and to their independent projects, and community building programming – social events and collaborative projects – bond the members together.

The workspace will offer member several benefits such as value; Community of like-minded pros; Programs & Activities; Unique Value Proposition, and of course an atmosphere that can best be described as “Modern, hip, and aesthetic.”

In addition, Cranium One will provide a selection of interactive, experiential learning classes that will cover topics such as creative thinking, effective project management to help members and individuals develop skills that give their work and play new impetus.

“Our vision is to create a beautifully designed physical space that reflects the common values of sustainable and creative entrepreneurship, with warm, inviting decor and state of the art technology,” Cranium One stated in a post.

The launch will take place at Cranium One, which is located on 1, Towry Close, off Idejo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

Cranium One will offer new opportunities for work-based collaboration and a place where people from complimentary sectors can feel connected, energised and inspired.

If you’re still doubting if the workspace is really “Modern, hip, and aesthetic”, feel free to check out these pictures.

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