Discover South Africa wherever you are on Google Maps

If you love South Africa and you cannot travel there due to various reasons, don’t worry. Right from the comfort of your smartphone, you can now take a virtual trip to the country which sits at the southernmost tip of Africa, and nestled between the great Indian and Atlantic Oceans, on Google Maps.

South Africa is known for its unique array of wildlife. The Kruger National Park houses majestic creatures. You can now visit the park in Google Maps as if you were there in real life. You can even catch a glimpse of a rhinoceros grazing the plains, an elephant enjoying a grassy snack, and a herd of buffalo charging against the wind. You may even spot a leopard, who often remain elusive to tourists and locals alike.


Climbing atop Table Mountain, even on a cloudy day, gives you a breathtaking view of where civilization and nature collide in Cape Town. Feeling like you’re on top of the world has never been so easy as it is at Jonkershoek Nature Reserve in the Western Cape.


South Africa is a must for the beach bums out there. With Street View, you can watch the waves break at Sandy Beach, gaze at the clear blue sky and water at Clifton Beach, go parasailing at Sunset Beach or just take a long walk along Durban’s Golden Mile.


Feeling like you’re in “Southy” already? This South African Street View tour is just a taste of these vast plains.

Visiting South Africa with Google Maps (available on iOS and Android) will inspire a deeper appreciation for the country, its wildlife and show the beauty of the African continent.

Whether you continue your journey in Google Maps or in person, enjoy the views and landscapes of the Rainbow Nation.

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