iHub Consulting launches developer-on-demand service


The consulting arm of iHub, a Nairobi-based part co-working space, part vector for investors and part pre-incubator for startups, has announced the launch of a developer-on-demand service.

Through the service, iHub Consulting’s team of 16 developers (Python/Django, PHP/Laravel, AngularJs, HTML5/CSS3/SASS, frontend design, DevOps, Android) will help both small and big businesses get their project moving a bit faster.

The service will also help businesses with no team create one and help coordinate the team to ensure their projects are delivered well.

For more information, don’t hesitate to drop an email to consulting@ihub.co.ke

The service was launched after Trevor, the CEO of Ongair, a service that enables businesses to engage with their customers on instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and WeChat, contacted iHub Consulting for the delivery of a project.

Of course, the project was delivered successfully after a period of analysis of the challenge and implementation of a developed solution to tackle the challenge – this period also involved constant visit to Ongair’s office.

“The second contributor for each repository was the ever-smiling Ongair CEO. He truly knows his stuff! It seems we were the right people to complement his skills. We could help after all,” iHub stated in a post.

iHub Consulting, which was started in 2012, aims to meet the tech needs of organisations by tapping into the immense talent pool that iHub’s diverse community of freelancers provides.

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