Ridesharing service, uGoMyWay launches in Cape Town

uGoMyWay, a ride-share and car pool service, has been launched in Cape Town, South Africa with the aim of helping to solve traffic congestion across Cape Town.

Through an app, the service allows users to safely find drivers and passengers who commute to and from the same area to share their journeys and travel costs.

The service allows routine journeys like home-to-work to be defined and shared within the secure eco-system, which in turn ranks other users who make similar journeys according to the best match.

The app provides a secure chat platform to establish a dialogue without revealing personal details until trust has been established, in addition to cell phone verification. User rating and measured ride share activities within the app add to this trust.

“The potentially embarrassing issue of shared costs is avoided by stipulating a rate per kilometre. The app suggests R1/km but the user can elect to increase or decrease this amount depending on other factors such as parking costs or toll fees. The rate per kilometre is then applied to the shared journey to arrive at a shared travel cost,” uGoMyWay stated in a post.

Also, uGoMyWay provides a ring-fence facility, which allows users to elect to only become visible and be seen by other members of an organisation, school, workplace or any other community.

Once trust is established users may elect to consider matches outside of the ring-fence.

Another feature of the app is Leaderboard. This feature places visibility on car pool activity at the Organisation level, measuring road trips saved and the resulting reduction in CO2 emissions.

Users in Cape Town – the service will rollout to other cities throughout South Africa shortly – can download the app for free on the Google Play. iPhone, web and other platforms will be released at a later date.

The service, which should not be confused with GoMyWay, a Nigerian rideshare platform that connects travellers with drivers who have spare seats to share, was developed in Cape Town by a small team, who think it is a major leap forward over existing shared lists and web based lift-club offerings.

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