TweetDeck gets seamless log-in capabilities, Windows app discontinued

One good news and one not-so-good news. Which will you like to hear first?

OK…the good news first! Popular microblogging, Twitter has announced some changes to the way users of TweetDeck, a social media dashboard app for management of Twitter accounts, sign in to their accounts on the web.

Previously, users signed in to any Twitter website, like or, still need to separately sign in to Tweetdeck, which wasn’t a really pleasant experience.

With the changes, users will no longer need to sign in separately to TweetDeck once they are signed in to any Twitter website – the sign in process will be automatic across board.


“Now, when you move from TweetDeck to Twitter websites, or from these websites to TweetDeck, you’ll be automatically logged in – making it even easier to move between the tools you use daily,” Twitter stated in a blogpost.

This change will roll out to everyone over the coming weeks.

Now to the not-so-good news.

Twitter has announced it will discontinue support for TweetDeck’s standalone Windows app. This, according to a statement by Twitter, will help to better the TweetDeck experience.

On April 15, 2016, the change will take effect. Users will be able to access TweetDeck on the web and will be able to easily do so by pinning it to the taskbar.

TweetDeck is owned by Twitter. Twitter bought TweetDeck for US$40 million in May, 2011.

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