Moodit Music app to drive consumption of Nigeria’s hottest hits and classical evergreens

When last did you buy a music CD?

No doubt Nigerians are such music lovers; the explosive growth of our music industry – one of Africa’s biggest entertainment exports is testament to that. But should you need a bit more convincing to agree to this point, maybe the contribution of the Nigerian music industry to government coffers might help. With an annual revenue projection of US$53.8 million by 2017, up from US$45 million in 2008 (PWC forecast), any businessman doing these figures is in good business.

With that said, the big question is how are Nigerians consuming music these days? Do we still buy song CDs like back in the days album debuts of Plantashun Boiz, JJC’s 419? No we don’t. Not to say that the trade in music CDs is now extinct. However, Nigerians have developed an insatiable appetite for everything content on digital: from movies to music videos, artistes’ tracks, albums, singles and debuts – you name it.

We are in the music headphone and earpiece era


Nigerians enjoy music over headphones and earpieces these days and yes, most likely through smart phones and other mobile devices. Music CDs have been relegated to car stereos and home theatre systems for occasional living room entertainment. Little wonder the rise of Naija music apps and websites that vend 100% quintessential Naija songs – and guess what, they’re in good business!

At least one thing is sure; Naija artistes gain more with rise of digital content.

If you’re regular customer of CD vendors anywhere in Nigeria then ‘Alaba market’ is no stranger to your ears. It is common knowledge that this market hosts a network of pirates who churn out in millions of copies daily, inferior clones of creative works by hard working artistes and in most cases, these artistes do get value for their creativity.

But the digital-scape has brought salvation to our long disenfranchised artistes and producers. Creative content peddled over music apps unlike their “Alaba” CD versions often do not circumvent copyright laws that way. Artistes get value for every single song download made over music apps like the Mooditt music app.

No.1 rated music app, Mooditt exceeds 400k music downloads


Nigerians are consuming music on-the-go: in traffic, jogging, walking, running et al. Our evolving city lifestyle is driving the adoption of digital content. For instance, Nigeria’s top music app, Mooditt, which will be getting an upgrade soon according to reliable sources, currently records more than four hundred thousand music downloads, over one hundred thousand active users and a staggering 2 million unique user sessions.

It is music apps like Mooditt that are driving the consumption of Nigeria’s hottest hits and classical evergreens by progressive Nigerians across social strata. The catch for an app like Mooditt is that users can also get to interact with their favourite artistes on social media through the app.

Users can also download FREE ringtones of songs and even set caller ring back tunes straight from the app. The soon to be released version of Mooditt will host improved UI and tailored dashboard features such as music cataloguing based on ‘Moods’ that way users can enjoy their favourite Naija music selections based on their mood at any given time.

Visit Mooditt Facebook Page for more information on new version the Mooditt music app.

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