VC Unlocked participants to invest US$600 million in startups around the world

The participants of VC Unlocked, 500 startups investor training program, have announced plans to invest over US$600 million in startups around the world.

The participants, which are 70% international, made this known after seeing 500 startups’ Batch 15 companies pitch at its most recent DemoDay.

Its most recent DemoDay comprise about 50 startups of which Podozi, a Nigerian startup that’s re-inventing beauty e-commerce in Africa, was among.

More than half of the participants are angel investors, about one-third work for a venture fund and one-fourth work for a family office. Others have worked for social impact funds or in government-related funds.

Together, they all plan to make about 1800 investments over the next three years with the US$600 million in money raised ready to invest.

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