WhatsApp Introduces Text Formatting Feature

For a while now, WhatsApp has been undergoing some changes with new features added to the messaging platform.

Some weeks back, users woke up to realize that they could send pdf documents to other users. Something they’ve been craving for only God knows how long.

Another feature has been added…again. This time, users all over the world can now chat with their friends and family members with a little bit of fun with the text formatting feature.

Users can now bold a text, italize it and even strikethrough it. No shortcuts to it though!

To bold a text, simply add an asterisk (*) to the beginning and end of the text.
To italize a text, just add an underscore (_) to the beginning and end of the text.
To strikethrough a text, simply add the approximation sign (~) to the beginning and end of the text.

I tried it out and this is what I got.


Cool, innit?

The text formatting feature seems to be working for most WhatsApp users on my list but they don’t know if it works unless the recipient tells them it is, including me.

However, one person on my list knows the feature works without relying on a recipient. He’s a WhatsApp Beta tester and he runs a version of WhatsApp that most Android users on my list don’t.

The text formatting feature adds a little bit of fun to chatting. I love it – I was chuckling when I tried it out – but I’m expecting more from WhatsApp.

When subscription fees were dropped, WhatsApp hinted that it will be trialling tools that will allow users to communicate with businesses and organizations that they want to hear from. I’m waiting for this!

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