HiiL to host Innovating Justice event in Nairobi

HiiL, a worldwide pioneer in building and scaling up innovative justice ecosystems, has announced it will host an Innovating Justice event in Nairobi this month.

The event, the first-ever conference of its kind in the region, seeks to find ways that technology can be used to change the way justice is approached.

This has become necessary because, according to the organizers, about 50% of people living in East Africa do not have access to justice, and they believe the use of technology has the potential to change that figure.

Key stakeholders from the worlds of academia, business, development, law and others are expected at the event to explore bottom-up solutions to the issues in African societies

The expert panelists and renowned speakers from across the globe will delve deep into pressing issues and discover unprecedented solutions.

At the event, closed morning workshops for entrepreneurs will be held in preparation for HiiL’s 2016 Challenges (including the second SME Empowerment Innovation Challenge).

At the workshop, interested innovators and entrepreneurs will be imparted with a variety of skills to help them develop their ideas to the next level.

The HiiL Innovating Justice Nairobi will take place at the Strathmore University – Nairobi City, Kenya on April 21, 2016 from 13:30 to 18:30 (EAT). You can register to attend!

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