RoadPreppers does a better job in helping you get to your destination

Google Maps has been helping millions of people across the world with directions and whatnot since it was launched in February 8, 2005. However, Google Maps has its deficiencies!

Google Maps does a pretty good job with directions from point A to point B but it doesn’t help much with HOW to get to point B from point A. Has it helped you with that?

“How do I get to so so and so place?” is a popular phrase with many Nigerian commuters on a daily basis. Also, a lot of these commuters go further to ask “how much go carry me reach there?”

Getting to know how to get to a destination and an estimate of the amount of money to pay to get there helps in reducing stress, the risk of getting lost or wasting unnecessary money and/or time, and increasing productivity either at home or work.

It is for this reason, and more, that Samuel Odeloye & Nnamdi Nwanze created RoadPreppers.

RoadPreppers is a community based, door to door trip planner app that empowers SMEs and individual users (in Nigeria and similar emerging markets) to plan their logistics and trips in easy, simplified steps, while facilitating better decision making for their trips.

Taking it a step further, RoadPreppers (unlike other map, travel and local planning providers) offers public transport navigation, traffic information and fare quotes in regions where public transit data are inaccessible, unstructured, chaotic or simply does not exist but are needed the most!

With RoadPreppers, users can easily find directions to work, school, job interviews, places of worship and more.
SMEs can benefit by tapping into the large user base by using RoadPreppers’ location based services to advertise to users that are in close proximity or traveling close to their store fronts.

To further attract and drive customers, SMEs can subscribe to the RoadPreppers API. The API provides a dedicated storefront map with dynamic driving and public transport directions.

The statement below gives an overall view of RoadPreppers:

“We fully understand the struggles often associated with knowing the right fare quotes for a trip, when jumping the bus, keke, okada, ferry…or what have you, to unfamiliar places. The fear of the unknown or being termed a JJC (Johnny Just Come) or a last man carrier isn’t a cool feeling either. Well, we’ve been there and that’s why we created RoadPreppers.”

I stumbled upon RoadPreppers by chance. I needed to get to Golf View Hotels and Suites in Ikeja on March 31 for the launch of TECNO’s No.1 music phone, the Boom J8. As usual, I asked GidiTraffic but surprisingly, I got only one answer which I was skeptical about.

Without asking, RoadPreppers helped with the HOW. They sent me the screenshots of the directions, HOW to go about getting a bus at each bus stop, and an estimate of the transport fare (I paid 50 naira more though but it’s nothing). My commute was devoid of doubt as a result!

Back to Google Maps. Yes, Google Maps can do all what RoadPreppers has said it can do – it can in fact do even more and better – but it has not helped me (not once) with the HOW and the fares. RoadPreppers comes handy in this regard, which I know is a big deal for Nigerian commuters.

One thing though. I found it difficult using RoadPreppers’ website on my phone. The design didn’t feel right. The fonts were somewhat small. The links on the menu too! I’ll love to see RoadPreppers out its native app for Android and iOS. It could be a game-changer!

Aside these little user experience ish (which I’m sure they’re looking into), RoadPreppers does a pretty job in helping one get to one’s destination without hassles. At least, it helped me!

Geared up, keeping you informed, connected and happy on your trips. This sums up RoadPreppers!

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