ShowMax vouchers now available in almost 500 outlets across South Africa


Incredible Connection and HiFi Corp are the latest retailers to offer ShowMax subscription vouchers, bringing to almost 500 the outlets where the vouchers can be purchased.

The vouchers enable the large chunk of the population who don’t have credit cards and/or PayPal accounts to subscribe for ShowMax and enjoy its services.

The vouchers will be sold at all Incredible Connection and HiFi Corp stores across the country for R99 (1 month), R297 (3 months) and R594 (6 months).

Once customers purchase the vouchers, they can have it activated at the store. It is only after activation that the code at the back of the voucher can be used to subscribe on ShowMax via its website or apps.

The ShowMax vouchers are also available in all Pick n Pay, Game, Marko and CNA stores across the country.

ShowMax was launched in August 2015. It has more than 20,000 episodes of local and international TV shows and movies to select from, and offers unlimited commercial-free viewing for R99 per month.

The Naspers-owned VOD platform leverages relationships with major production studios across the globe to deliver not only world class international contents, but also the best of specialised local content.

ShowMax is accessible across a wide range of devices from smart TVs and computers to smartphones and tablets.

Create an account today to get access to ShowMax’s incredible collection of hit TV shows and movies.

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