Google To Train 1 Million Africans In Digital Skills

To help tackle unemployment, close the digital skills gap and contribute to growing Africa’s digital economy, Google has announced it will train 1 million Africans in digital skills in the next year.

To do this, it is supporting its partner, Livity Africa, to run two training programs. The first one, Digify Bytes, is aimed at helping young people develop a digital career while the other, Digify Pro, is a 3-month immersion program to develop digital specialists for jobs in companies or digital agencies.

A group of 65 Googlers from 9 different countries have helped Livity develop content, provide mentorship and, in some cases, deliver the training.

“More needs to be done to support people in Africa to succeed in the digital world, and we want to be part of that. The internet offers huge opportunities to start new businesses and grow existing ones, and we’re committed to helping Africans make the most of the digital revolution,” Google stated on its Africa-dedicated blog.

Google also launched Digify Africa – an online-learning portal that will house a range of digital skills tutorials and courses.

The platform is available to anyone in Africa, and has been designed to be as “light” as possible to help people manage data usage.

The Digify programs (which are all free) will provide tools & knowledge on subjects including building an online presence, creating content, understanding web design and user experience, social media and app development.

“The internet is a growth engine, and it’s for everyone. There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur in Africa,” Google added.

Google is in discussion with a number of other potential partners across Africa in order to scale the digital skills training program and help to reach even more young people in more countries.

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