South Africa’s Tritech Media Acquires 51% Stake In Ionizr


Tritech Media, a South African-based media technology company, has announced the acquisition of an effective 51% interest in Ionizr, the pioneer in real-time proximity advertising technology in South Africa.

Ionizr is the first company in South Africa that combines technology, internet of things, analytics, marketing and digital media to provide advanced data-driven location based marketing and advertising services.

Through its proprietary technology, Ionizr provides powerful analytics-driven location- based mobile engagement tools for mall owners, retail tenants and advertisers at large.

CEO and founder of Tritech Media, William Kirsh said, “Our investment in Ionizr supports our first mover advantage in precision marketing which up until now has been focussed on providing turnkey corporate loyalty capabilities,”

He added, “As the media industry moves away from broad-stroke traditional media to measurable precise digital communications, we are ideally placed to be the industry leader. Location-based marketing services are growing at an extraordinary rate and are anticipated to rise from US$10 billion currently to around US$18 billion globally by 2019. Ionizr also gives us an in-store presence where 90% of retail purchase decisions are made.”

Ionizr has developed strategic relationships with digital marketing agencies which service 242 shopping malls in South Africa who will exclusively promote and sell the Ionizr platform as well as exclusively produce mobile engagement campaigns for Ionizr to enable rapid adoption of the platform.

Ionizr is already operable in a number of key shopping malls across the country and achieved results ahead of expectations.

“We built a global leading platform that helps retailers understand their visitors as well as engage with them. Our platform offers a powerful marketing and analytics tool that generates additional revenue, drives customer loyalty, delivers optimal returns on investment and provide valuable insights,” said Wayne Venter, CEO and founder of Ionizr.

He added, “We’re excited about developing our platform as a Tritech Media portfolio company, harnessing group synergies as we meet very encouraging demand growth.”

Tritech Media’s 51% interest in Ionizr was acquired for an undisclosed sum. Wayne Venter will retain the remaining 49% interest.

The last time Tritech Media was on the news, it was for the acquisition of a 45% stake in GameZBoost and a 25% stake in TuYu.

Tritech Media is a fully-fledged media technology group, focusing on digital media, customized content and proprietary technology to both consumers and corporates.

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